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Dual Attorney-CPA Office providing One-stop Services

Chiyoda International Law & Accounting Office (“CILA”) is a dual practice full-service professional office providing legal and accounting services with emphasis on matters where law, accounting and taxation are fused. As legal and financial advisors, this gives us an in-depth, whole-picture understanding of our clients’ needs and enables us to provide a specialized and high quality service.

As a “one-stop shop”, CILA serves businesses and individuals in Tokyo metropolitan area and nationwide.



Practice Area


≪For Businesses≫


General corporate legal practice / Alliances / Corporate governance / Assistance in establishing new businesses and IPO / Corporate finance / Structured finance / Project finance / Securitization, liquidation and REIT / Antitrust Law / Copyright / Commercial litigation / International litigation / Arbitration, Mediation and ADR / Real estate investment / Pharmaceuticals, medical care, and health care / Business succession

Audit, Tax and Accounting

(Assistance with the) Preparation of and filing of corporate income tax returns / Tax planning / Transfer pricing issues / Tax advice with respect to outbound investments / Support with documentation and assistance with respect to filing consolidated tax returns / Assistance with all aspects of tax audits and advance ruling requests / Tax litigation (i.e. objection and appeal procedures) / Due diligence and advisory services with respect to domestic or international M&A / Tax advice on corporate reorganization and rehabilitation / Business succession planning / Preparing budgets and following analysis / Audits, reviews & compilations of financial statements / Advise on accounting and internal control / Valuation and Appraisal 


≪For Indivisuals≫


Inheritance and will / Property management for senior citizens / Business succession planning / Resolution of disputes / Divorce and family law issues / Traffic Accident /  Labor issues / Defense in criminals and juvenilecases / Debt restructuring / Consumer issues


Tax and Accounting

Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax,  Business succession planning、Preparation of and filing of income tax return / Tax consulting /


News & Topics



「起業と経営の基本知識がわかる本」(自由国民社 共著 鳥山亜弓弁護士)



「非公開化の法務・税務」(税務経理協会 共著 鳥山亜弓弁護士)






「ブランド管理の法実務 商標法を中心とするブランド・ビジネスと法規制」(三協法規出版 共著 鳥山亜弓弁護士)



隼あすか法律事務所主催の第1回 金融機関向けセミナー「金融円滑化法出口戦略としてのDDS活用」にBDOアドバイザリー株式会社と共に協賛(井上民三公認会計士)



「同族会社・中小企業のための会社経営をめぐる実務一切」(自由国民社 共著 鳥山亜弓弁護士)




「金融商品と不法行為-有価証券報告書虚偽記載と損害賠償」(三協法規出版 共著 鳥山亜弓弁護士)

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